Compact Field Checkr®

Compact Field CheckR® Specifications

Sanitization verification in the palm of your hand. Use daily, monthly or annually; the Compact Field CheckR® is adaptable to existing security procedures. This device numerically evaluates degausser effectiveness by measuring its magnetic field strength from multiple locations, in multiple directions.

  Compact Field CheckR®
Made in the USA by Data Security, Inc.
Technology Magnetic Field Verification
Operation Automatic (push button)
Compatibility Designed to fit inside small chamber degaussers listed in the NSA EPL-Degausser (chamber adapter included)
Cycle Time Degausser dependant
Throughput Continuous
Weight 0.25 lbs (0.11 kg)
Dimensions 4” (101 mm) by 2.75” (70 mm) by 0.6” (15 mm)
Power Rechargable battery
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  • Numerically evaluate degausser effectiveness to guarantee your media is getting completely erased.
  • Meets degausser testing and certification requirements.
  • Listed in the "NSA Evaluated Products List – Degausser."
  • Designed for small chamber degaussers, the compact version includes a rechargable battery.

Compact Field CheckR® Performance

Turn it on and slide the Compact Field CheckR® into your degausser, run the cycle and view the results. The Compact Field CheckR® has the unique ability to measure the strength of magnetic fields present during the degaussing cycle from multiple directions then provides you with accurate, numerical results. Designed for small chamber degaussers, the Compact Field CheckR® includes a rechargable battery, charging cable and removable adapter. Our annual factory swap program is recommended for upgrades, calibration and routine preventative maintenance.

With patented, one-of-a kind technology, internal sensors measure magnetic fields on three display faces, and reports numerical results. The Compact Field CheckR® cycle time depends upon each particular degaussers cycle time and can be used continuously. The numerical output evaluate the performance of your degausser and ensure it is performing within tolerance ranges.

While the Compact Field CheckR® is for use in small chamber degaussers, we also offer a Field CheckR® for large chamber degaussers. Let us help you identify the best choice for your needs. 

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