SSMD-2MM solid state media disintegrator shredder

The SSMD-2mm is a solid state drive shredder and multi-media disintegrator. It is designed for the safe and efficient destruction of solid state drives (SSD) such as cell phones, thumb drives and tablets, as well as opitcal media formats like CD-Roms and DVDs.

The SSMD-2mm is very user-friendly with simple, push-button operation.  Turn it on and feed the machine.  The easy to read display tells you when to feed the machine and when to empty the bin.  

The unique Life-Extend© design of the SSMD-2mm features parts that can be rotated or adjusted to double their useful life. Paired with simple maintenance procedures that can be completed by individuals with limited technical experience, Life-Extend© saves you time and money by eliminating your need to hire a technician or place a service call

The SSMD-2mm Solid State Media Disintegrator has been evaluated by the NSA/CCS and meets the requirements of the NSA/CSS 9-12 Storage Device Declassification Policy Manual. 


  • Unique, dual stage destruction process ensures media is thoroughly shredded to a 2mm particle size or smaller (ground to sand-like texture).
  • Designed for longevity, parts do not have to be replaced as frequently as traditional shredders and disintegrators.
  • Meets standards set by the National Security Agency (NSA) and DoD for physical damage and emergency destruction.

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SSMD-2mm Performance

The SSMD-2mm has passed National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) evaluation for solid state and optical media destruction to 2mm and smaller particle size, and meets the requirements for emergency destruction procedures. With automatic jam correction, a three-phase air filtration system and economical blades that can be resharpened, the SSMD-2mm offers features competiting products do not. And with quiet operation and small footprint, it is ideal for use in offices and data centers.

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Data Security, Inc. is an active member of NAID, a group that is leading a taskforce to study of the destruction of information on SSD technology. As such, we continue to remain informed on the latest methods, procedures and quality controls relating to the sanitization and disposal of SSDs.